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How to Configure Above The Fold Optimization WordPress plugin

Configure Above The Fold Optimization WordPress plugin :

Users always like to access a super fast website. If the same information is available in many site, then obviously the users like to visit the website with shortest loading time. The truth is, we don’t have patient. It is come out from a report that more than 70% of users leave your site if your site loading time is more than 2 seconds. So, it is necessary that your website is well optimized.

If you are WordPress developer than there you will get many factors which may slow down your website. There are some main factors like bad CSS code, JavaScript etc. Here bad code means the code which is not well optimized. Most of the wordpress site face two problem when they want to score higher in Google PageSpeed Insight test. One is “render-blocking JavaScript” and another is “CSS in above-the-fold content”. So, you need to solve these issues to score higher on Google PageSpeed Insights test.

Configure Above The Fold Optimization WordPress plugin

To solve these two problem Google recommend you to defer or async the load blocking resources as well as you need to optimized the CSS delivery.

To solve these issues you need some good wordpress plugins. I must tell you you can use Above The Fold Optimization and Autoptimize plugins to solve these two problems. These are the best optimization plugins available for wordpress in my opinion and experience. I have already written an article on how to configure the Autoptimize plugin and you can access that from below.

In this article I am going to guide you to configure the Above The Fold Optimization plugin with best configuration which I have been personally using without any issue. First of all just add the plugin to your website. It is very simple and easy. Go to your website backend -> Click on Plugin -> Add new plugin -> Search ‘Above The Fold Optimization’ in the search bar -> click Install and then active.

Now you need to configure the plugin. You can access the plugin from the submenu of Appearance as “Above The Fold“. Just visit to the plugin by clicking that. After that select the CSS tab and configure the plugin as shown in the below screenshot.

Abovr The Fold

Here you can enable the Optimize CSS Delivery option if you have not yet using any CDN and Cache Plugin on your website. Otherwise leave it as mine. If you don’t know what is CDD and Cache Plugin, you can read my another article from below. Using these you can boost your website speed many time faster than before. The best thing is that you can use the both CDN and Cache Plugin on your site for free.

All the other settings that is not shown in above is remain unchanged. After this just scroll down the screen and click on Save. Now go to thenext tab that is the  “Javascript” and configure them as I have shown in the below and after that click on Save.

Above The Fold Javascript 1

Above The Fold Javascript 2

Now all the settings are configured. Now you can test your website on Google PageSpeed Insights tool to make sure that the above mentioned problems are solved.

Conclusion :

I have been using this plugin for a long time on all of my site with the same configuration as I have mentioned above to solve the JavaScript rendering issue. I am very happy with this plugin and I have got a very positive result on my site after installing this plugin.

I hope this article is helpful to to solve the specific problem. If you are still getting some problem on your site then it may be because of some other factors. You can find out many articles related to this topic on our site, which may be helpful to you. Stay with us for more interesting updates and keep blogging.

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