How to Configure Free CloudFlare CDN with WordPress site

How to Configure Free CloudFlare CDN with WordPress site :

CDN refers to Content Delivery Network. The CDN is very helpful when your cPanel resources is vesy smaller and your website is hosted on a shared hosting pack. They just deliver the static content of your website to users without sending any request to your server, which decrease the loads on your server and it makes the website load faster.

There are various paid and free Content Delivery Network (CDN) available in the market. Some of the famous and reliable CDN of that is provided by MaxCDN and CloudFlare CDN. You can use any one of them. They are really very good and reliable.

 Configure Free CloudFlare CDN with WordPress site

If you are searching for a free CDN, then CloudFlare will be in the top of my recommendation. I have also use free CloudFlare CDN on all of my websites. It’s really amazing and I am not getting any single issue with that till now.

How to Configure Free CloudFlare CDN with WordPress site :

Integrating CloudFlare CDN with any Website is very easy. I have already written an article on that. You can access the from below :

How to configure Free CloudFlare CDN with best configuration :

In this article I will guide you to configure the Free CloudFlare CDN with the best configuration that I have been personally using since last one year. You need to just follow the below steps properly.

First of all go to Cloudflare and login with your account. Now select the website, which your want to configure from the Cloudflare dashboard.

Select ‘Firewall’ from the dashboard and Select security level as medium and Challenge Passage as 30 minutes there.

After that click ‘Speed’ from the dashboard and in there in Auto Minify select ‘JavaScript’, ‘HTML’ and ‘CSS’. After that scroll below and select ‘Automatic’ in the Rocket Loader section.

After that click on ‘Caching’ from dashboard and configure the settings as shown as below.

Free CloudFlare CDN

Congratulation. The Configure Free CloudFlare CDN with WordPress site is successfully done for your website. Just browse your website on any cache enable browser. You can feel something different than before.

Conclusion :

I hope this article is helpful for you to Configure Free CloudFlare CDN with WordPress site with best configuration which I have been personally using with all of my websites. Integrating the Cloudflare CDN really helps to boost website speed up to 500% as in my case. There are also some other matrix which you need to do on your website to make your website faster and faster than ever. I have already written many articles on that. You can access that from below. This article may help you to make yourself a pro blogger.

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