How to score 100 in Google PageSpeed Insights test

how to score 100 in Google PageSpeed Insights test :

When a website loads vary faster, the users love to access it more and love to spent more times on the website. If the website takes much time to load, the visitors feel boring and he just leave the website. The main reason and truth is, now a days the people have not the patience to wait. So, it’s obvious that if your website takes much time to load then you are going to loose valuable users day by day and one day there will be no users on your site even if your website contain valuable information. If there is no users then your income will be zero and one day you have to shut down your website.

How to score 100 in Google PageSpeed Insights test

So, it is necessary to make your website faster so that your website users just love it and you can grow your website day by day. Almost 50% of the internet users access the web on mobile device. So, it is necessary to have a responsive design of your website for both  mobile device and PC. Google PageSpeed Insights Tools is a Google official tool through which you can check your website speed for both mobile device and PC. It give a score between 0 to 100. Most of the website is able to score between 70-90. It is not easy to achieve 100 out of 100 but is not not also impossible. The Google PageSpeed Insights is one of the matrix factor that is use by Google to rank a website in the search engine. So, scoring higher on Google  PageSpeed Insights is increase the chances of appearing your website on top of the Google search result.

If you have use WordPress CMS to develop your website then you can easily achieve a high score on Google PageSpeed Insights test. I have scored  99 out of 100 for both the mobile device and PC for one of my site You can see the screenshots below of the test.

Google PageSpeed Insights test

Mobile Google PageSpeed Insights test

how to score 100 in google pagespeed insights test :

I will be  here guide you step by step method to score higher on Google PageSpeed Insights test.

Connect CDN with your website :

CDN refers to Content Delivery Network. The CDN is very helpful when your cPanel resources is very smaller and your website is hosted on a shared hosting pack. They just deliver the static content of your website to users without sending any request to your server, which decrease the loads on your server and it makes the website load faster.

There are various paid and free Content Delivery Network (CDN) available in the market. Some of the famous and reliable CDN of that is provided by MaxCDN and CloudFlare CDN. You can use any one of them. They are really good and reliable.

If you are searching for a free CDN, then CloudFlare will be in the top of my recommendation. I have also use free CloudFlare CDN on all of my websites. It’s really amazing and I am not getting any single problem with that till now. I have written an article on how to integrate and setup free CloudFlare CDN with your website for you. You can access the article from below :

Install Important Plugins :

There are some important plugins that is necessary to achieve high score in Google PageSpeed test. These are Caching Plugin, Optimization Plugin, JavaScript Deferred / Async plugin.

Caching Plugin : Caching pluging helps to store or caching static content of your website on users browser. Using a caching pluging on your website is necessary to make a good user experience. It can speed up a website and decrease website loading time by more than half than before.

So, which one is the best Caching Pluging for WordPress. From my experience I recommend you to use one of caching plugin – W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. If you are not a techy person than you will not love to use W3 Total Cache. Even I don’t like the W3 Total Cache. You can use WP Super Cache in that case. It’s interface is easy to understand and you can configure the WP Cache Plugin very easily. I have already written an article on how to configure WP Super Cache for best user experience. You can access that from below :

Optimization Plugin : Optimization helps to remove unnecessary code, spaces, comment from the source code and generate a new optimized code. It make the website slightly faster than before. It minifies both CSS, JavaScript and HTML code. How to score 100 in Google PageSpeed Insights test.

One of the best wordpress optimization pluging is ‘Autoptimize’. It’s very simple, easy and smaller in size. I have already written an article on how to configure the Autoptimize pluging. You can access that from below :
JavaScript Deffrered / Async plugin : Google recommend you to async or deferred all the JavaScript which is not necessary before rendering a page. It helps to bypass the execution of unnecessary script before loading a webpage. It cut off the rendering time of a web page by more than half of before.

To do that you can use the Above The Fold Optimization plugin as I have used this plugin on all of my website. I have already written an article on how to configure the Above The Fold Optimization plugin. You can access that from below :

Now check your current Google PageSpeed Insights score after finishing all the steps mentioned above. You can access the PageSpeed Insights Score Test Tools here.

Conclusion :

I Hope this article is helpful to you to guide you how to score 100 in Google PageSpeed insights test. If you your website is still take much time to load, then there are many factors which can slow down your website. To check all the other slowdown factors please read our anther article How to speed a WordPress site. You can access it from below :

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