speeding up wordpress website

How to speeding up WordPress website

How to speeding up wordpress website :

Users love to access faster loading website again and again. If your website takes much time to load, visitors will leave your website and they will not come to your website again. Day by day you will loose all of your daily visitors and your web traffic will be ultimately zero. No traffic means no money and one day you have to shutdown your website.

speeding up WordPress website

So, you need to make your website load and render faster than all of your competitor. There are various tools to check your website loading time. The best of them are Pingdom and GTMatrix. There is also a  Google official tools called Google PageSpeed Insights, through which you can check your website loading time and the factors which have slow down your website. These tools are totally free and very helpful.

How to speeding up wordpress website :

WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS) and there are many developers who have developed many paid and free plugin for wordpress. These plugins help to add some extra feature to your website as per your requirement. In this article I will guide you to speed up your WordPress website with plugins which I have been personally using on all of my website.

Installing Cache plugin :

Now a days all the modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Edge, Safari, UC etc. are cache enabled browser. These browser can store all the static content like image, html page etc. inside it. When a user access your website for the second time, the browser will show the static content that have stored inside it before without sending any request to your server. It reduce the load of the server and faster the rendering process. To do this, your have to write some code in your website to instruct the browser to store the static content in it. The cache plugin do this work on behalf of you.

There are many cache plugins are available in the WordPress platform. The best of them are WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. For me, the WP Super Cache is best as it perfect for me it does not need any coding knowledge. It’s interface is easy as compared to W3 Total Cache. So, I would love to recommend you to use the WP Super Cache plugin. I have already written an article on how to install and configure the WP Super Cache plugin. You can access that from below : “speeding up WordPress website”

Integarting Content Delivery Network (CDN) :

If you want make professional blog and if there is a huge daily traffic on your website, don’t take much time to think. You just need to integrate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to your website. Content Delivery Network is work as a Static Content Server to your main web server. It delivers the static conten of your website like html page, image to the users without sending any load to your main web server. It helps to make your website load faster and it reduce server response time. It specially mandatory to integrate a CDN when your web resources is very small and you are hosting your site on a shared hosting pack. One of the best free Content Delivery Network which I have been using on my site for the last one year without any issue is CloudFlare CDN. I have already written a article on how to integrate CloudFlare CDN on your site. You can access it from below :

Optimization Plugin :

Optimization plugin are required at that time when there are many unnecessary code, comment and spaces on your website. Optimization plugin will optimize the source code and remove all the unnecessary things on source code on behalf of you.

One of the best optimization plugin is Autoptimize. I have been personally use this plugin on all of my site.

JavaScript Deferred / Async plugin :

When a web page is loads, all the JavaScript is executed before the rendering of the page even it is not required for the rendering of the page. So it is necessary to deferred or declare the JavaScript as async. It also recommended by Google to deferred or declare JavaScript as async that is not required before rendering a page. By doing this it boost the rendering process many time faster than before.

One of the best plugin to do this is Above The Fold Optimization. I have been using this plugin for a very long time without any issue.

Conclusion : speeding up WordPress website

I hope this article help you to boost you website speed. There are also many factors that may slow down your website. So, for all the other factors visit us regularly. These may help you to make yourself a pro blogger.

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