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WordPress Best webiste Push Notification plugin for mobile and computer

WordPress Best webiste Push Notification plugin for mobile and computer :

Sometime you may notify that in some website there is a popup appears asking you subscribe there notification when you access that website. Or sometimes you may notify a bell icon on q website. When you press the bell icon, after that you will get all the updates on that site on your mobile or PC. This notification is called as push notification.

If you are a new blogger and there are many few visitors on your site then you might want them to visit your website again. But you can’t guarantee that he or she is going to remember your site. So if you enable a push notification service on your site then there is a possibility that the visitors subscribe it and he will visit your site again when he receives a push notification on his mobile or pc screen.

So I recommend you to use a push notification plugin on your wordpress website specially if you are a new blogger. In my opinion OneSignal Push Notifications is the best plugin for you. There are various paid plan for it but you can also use it for free without any issue.

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How to configure OneSignal Push Notifications plugin :

In this article I will guide you to install and configure the OneSignal Push Notifications plugin on your wordpress site. For that follow the steps below.

STEP 1 : At first you need to create an Account on OneSignal. You can easily create an account on OneSignal with your gmail or facebook account. It will take less than two minutes.

STEP 2 : Sign In to your account.

STEP 3 : Click on Add a new app from the dashboard.

STEP 4 : Put a app name. For example if your site is then put ‘mydomain’ or ‘my domain’ on app name. You can use any name for your app.

STEP 5 : Now click on App Settings from the menu at left sidebar.

STEP 6 : Then configure the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari from that as follows and save them. Leave all the other option as it is.

Wordpress Best webiste Push Notification plugin

STEP 7 : Now open your wordpress dashboard on another tab and install the OneSignal Push Notifications plugin on it.

STEP 8 : Go to Configuration tab from OneSignal Push Notifications dashboard and configure it as follows.

OneSignal Push Notifications

You will get all the required codes on OneSignal Push Notifications website’s Keys & IDs tab.

STEP 9 : Configure all the other settings as you wan and then click on Save.

Congratulation. You have done it.

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Conclusion (WordPress Best webiste Push Notification plugin) :

I have tried many paid and free push notification plugin on my website and I feel the OneSignal Push Notifications is the best. I have been using this plugin on some of my site for last one year and I have not got any issue. So, I think you can try this plugin on your wordpress site.

I hope the article “WordPress Best webiste Push Notification plugin for mobile and computer” is helpfull to you to choose the best Push  Notification plugin for your wordpress site. If you have any questions, you can comment it below. Visit us regularly for for updates related to this topic.

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