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How to write SEO friendly article with Yoast SEO plugin

How to write SEO friendly article with Yoast SEO plugin :

If you want to make profit from your blog then it is necessary to optimized your all articles for Search Engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Because the profit depends on the traffic on your site. So, it’s important to rank higher on any search engine so that users can easily find your article. So all the game depend on how well you have optimized your blog for a search engine.

In this article I am going to talk about “how to write SEO friendly article on Yoast SEO plugin“. If you don’t know what is Yoast SEO and how to configure it, I have already written an article on it. You can access it from below.

So below are the step by steps guide to write a SEO friendly article :

STEP 1 : In the first stage you have to do some keyword research. I would recommend you to use a long tail keyword because it it very tough to rank a short tail keyword on Search Engine because of there are already too many competitor on web. You can use the Google Keyword Research Tools to the task for free. Or you can just put you keyword on Google and check the number of result. If there are less result, then you can use that keyword.

STEP 2 : Make a title for your article which includes your main keyword that you have decided in the STEP 1.

STEP 3 : Put your article title in the first line of your article and make it bold.

STEP 4 : Write the full article. Make sure that you have not exceed 300 words under a headings. You need to use the main keyword inside your article between 2%-3%. It means If your article contains 100 words then you have to use the keyword 2 or 3 times. Put the keyword in different ways like once in italic, once in underline, once in headings like H2 etc.

STEP 5 : Make sure that your article contains at least 300 words. It is good to write a long article that contains more than 800 words.

STEP 6 : Put atlest one image in your article and set your main keyword as alt attribute for the image.

STEP 7 : After all the above steps you need to do some task on Yoast SEO plugin. At bottom of your article edit window you can access the Yoast SEO settings as shown it the screenshot below.

write SEO friendly article with Yoast SEO plugin

  • SEO Title field : Put the title of your article.
  • Slug field : It will automatically filled up when you put the article title, if not then put your main keyword here separating each word by ‘-‘ and make sure that all the latter is in small latter.
  • Meta description Field : Put your article title and some other secondary keywords that is present in the article. Separate each keyword with a comma.
  • Focus keyword field : In this filed just put your article’s main keyword.

STEP 8 : It is good to put a external and a internal links inside your post. So, put these if you want.

STEP 9 : Make sure that you have achieve green signal in all the fields as shown in the below screen shot.

Yoast SEO

STEP 10 : Copy the meta tags field and paste it on the Tags field of your article that is available in the right side menu of your wordpress article edit window.

STEP 11 : Attached a fetured image to your article and click on published to publish your article.

Conclusion :

So I hope this article will help you to guide you “How to write SEO friendly article with Yoast SEO plugin”. If you have any question, you can comment it below. Visit us regularly for more article related to this topic.

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